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Yay Hair Extensions! But which ones?

Hair extensions are so fun to make your hair super full like a shampoo commercial, and help with creating that tricky long and thick updo you want to look exactly like the Pinterest picture. If you're wondering which way to go with hair extensions for your wedding I recommend just going to Sally Beauty Supply and picking up the Remy or similar brand Clip In Real Hair Extensions. You can walk in and match them right there for color and length. They run about $140 or so. They're temporary so you take them out at the end of the night so they won't ruin your natural hair. You can brush them and reuse them until you need to wash them just like you would your own hair, then curl or iron and reuse them again.

These are the best value and easiest to use I've found. I looked at a lot of the professional brands available and it would require an appointment to match them to order them, and another appointment to fit and color/cut fix them to perfect, on top of that the price for the professional brands is at least triple the Sallys brands. Don't worry also if the color is not an exact match to your hair, somehow it blends in when they are spread throughout your hair and clipped in.

Natural hair color is a myriad of shades anyways, and with curling and styling it always looks best with a little contrast in the hair. I do tape in extensions also, but don't recommend them for formal hairstyling or updos, they don't move or hide as nicely I think, not as easy for braiding either, thats just my personal professional hairstylist opinion. We will work with whatever existing extensions you have in your hair though, no worries! This was just a little help with deciding on hair extensions if you choose to include them in your wedding day hairstyle!

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