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We always ask everyone for their makeup and hairstyle idea pictures, so we are all on the same page with how you want to look for your big day. Pinterest and Google are great resources like magazine ads and celebrity photos. If you don't usually wear a lot of makeup, maybe try a natural or classic look enhancing your features close to how you usually wear it, to feel comfortable and be happy with the photos in years to come. Or if you like the glam makeup look we will do glam. Just make sure you are used to it and can comfortably rock it down that aisle! Here's a couple things to think about when deciding your wedding day makeup look: •Do you normally wear makeup? If not, maybe a full coverage, full face or glam look is not for you •Have you ever worn dark eye-contouring makeup, fully lined eyes, heavy liner, or that dark or bright shade of eyeshadow before? Your big day is not a good time to experiment with a new look, going to a makeup artist is a fun time to try something new, but please think realistically as to if you will feel comfortable and really want to have that style in your wedding pictures forever •Is your wedding a day event or night event?

Day makeup is not usually as dark as evening looks, even though it needs to be slightly more for photos, maybe not as dark as an evening look you might wear to a club. Unless of course this is a normal style for you, of course we will do what you ask for! •Do you look anything like the model in the style picture you have? Skin tone, shading, hair color, and eye color all determine what eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick colors are used. Please remember the models have the advantage of professional lighting, filtering and photoshop touchups. Matching your eyeshadow to the color of the flowers may not be the best shade for you. We always do just what brides ask for and sometimes you're not sure what style you want, but please think realistically as to experimenting on such an important event with a new look. We want you to be a comfortable, happy, and gorgeous bride! Trust your artist's opinion and relax, we do this every weekend. Have a mimosa, we got you girl, and we want you to look your best! Just wanted to post some helpful Professional Makeup Artist advice!

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